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Monday, March 28, 2011

..I Learned..

I learned,
Life is not easy as we think..
So keep trying..

Keep moving..
I learned,
I stay here is not for nothing..
So when I fall..
It doesn’t means forever..
I learned,
To give more..
Not to take more..
I learned,
It hard for me to trust people..
I will hurt and it may forever..
I should trust myself first..
I learned,
Love is a give from God..
So when I have it, I will take care of it..
I learned,
People can change..
If can't, try to change what we have around..
I learned,
Be careful with our action..
Because what we give we get back..
It always true..
I learned,
It easy to forgive..
But the reality is hard to forget every single thing that broke my heart..
It can be cured but it really need time..
I learned,
to be myself...
Because it make me feel easy..
I learned,
to stop crying..
always and all the time..


I learned,
My life is for learning..
And I will never stop to understand its meaning..


nelly said...

wah !!
berguna !!
kita kena belajar sesuatu benda yang baru dan selalu yakin pada diri sendiri ..

..ika itu aku.. said...

kte lalui per yg same gak..
every single time is learning process..
learning, learning n learning..hihi